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Monthly Archives: January 2007

Wikipedia gets it wrong (badly)


With Wikipedia the hope is that folk with bits of knowledge will contribute to common pool. With enough eyeballs any bad additions should get cleaned up or filtered out. The end goal is to have the highest quality material on each subject. Only the end result matters. Folk at Microsoft felt that the Wikipedia article […]

How to boost the birth rate


Matchmaking Ads to Boost Birth Rate in Japan Alarmed by a falling birth rate and rapidly ageing population, Japanese policymakers are thinking about allowing TV ads for matchmaking agencies in the hope that an increase in couples will result in more kids. Japan’s population shrank in the year to October for the first time since […]

First impressions – Visual Studio 2005


Up to the present, I have been using Visual C++ 6.0 for a collection C++ source code that dates back to 1998. There is really no pressing need to update to a new version of Visual Studio, though I do have a company license for the current version. Still, there might come a time where […]

“Net Neutrality” put simply


After reading some excessively convoluted arguments both for and against “net neutrality”, I realized there is a simple analogy, with – oddly enough – Ted Stevens for inspiration. The internet carries bits between consumers (you and me) and services (Google, Yahoo, MySpace, etc.). When traveling across the internet, bits are bits. To the big internet […]

Not the intended effect?


Cato-at-liberty » Worse Than Hillary? For more than 15 years now, Hillary has been the incarnation of Big Government. She votes with taxpayers only 9 percent of the time, according to the National Taxpayers Union. She calls herself a “government junkie.” She says, “There is no such thing as other people’s children” and calls for […]

Near an inflection point – solid state disk


Solid state disk is one of those technologies that never seemed to quite arrive. Smaller in storage and (much) more expensive than hard disks, solid state storage has never proved practical outside niche applications. This may be about to change. After spotting an 8GB flash card under $100, we may be near the point where […]

2007 and ending needless repetition


The year now is 2007. Time for a bit of a reasoned rant. Every time I start up Windows, Eclipse, Firefox, or an applet JVM (and wait) – I am struck by the same absurdity. In each case we are repeating the same exact computation as the last startup. The result of the computation is […]

Asymmetric warfare and how to boil a frog


My son just called up. His cell phone died. The phone is only a few months old. Seems like more and more gadgets are dying prematurely these days. Of course, this could just be a side effect of the fact that we own more electronic gadgets. This could also be an effect of price competition, […]