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Monthly Archives: December 2006

Department of Homeland (in)Security


Why you should always question authority – before they waste too much of your kids money. Top 10 27BStroke6 Posts of the Year – 2006 27BStroke isn’t even a year old yet, but we’ve already fallen prey to the temptation to issue a top ten list. Back in August 2005, a border-screening system supposedly unconnected […]

Do web server logs return useful information, anymore?


Between the preponderance of web crawler visits, the scarcity of meaningful Referer: links, and the use of aggregators (like Google Reader or Bloglines) – do the logs on the web server tell us very much? There are of course hints … but I suspect the absolute numbers are no longer meaningful.

WHATWG – What for?


Another acronym I had not looked at previously – WHATWG. A specification for web applications? Sounds unlikely. Between changing practices and adequate existing function, what value is there in freezing current thought into a specification? What is the real added value here? Reading through the WHATWG draft, I kept wondering if (or hoping?) this were […]

Got to be embarassing…


Pulled up an article in Wired on The 2006 top ten mistakes in web design and the article text is in (tiny!) 7pt Times New Roman font. Um….. If only they had posted on April 1.

Clueless Congressman’s staffer solicits a “Hacker”


The “technobabble” written by the “hacker” is (intentionally) hilarious … and the politician’s staffer has no clue. Going Postal From: Todd Shriber ( To: Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2006 12:58:29 -0700 (PDT) Subject: Question for you or other Attrition members Lyger – I came across for the first time. I enjoyed the site […]

The Sheriff’s Revenge


Corona rival retires after facing demotion SANTA ANA – Lt. Bill Hunt, suspended after challenging Sheriff Mike Carona in the June election, retired Friday as he faced a demotion that would have cut his salary nearly in half. Today, San Clemente City Manager George Scarborough announced that Hunt had been demoted to deputy II and […]

Another FastCGI install script


Wrote yet another script to install an ISAPI extension. Been through this before, for a work project, and for a personal project. Ran across the announcement of an FastCGI extension for IIS from Microsoft. This is good news as I happen to believe FastCGI is an excellent way of decoupling application function from the web […]

Revisiting server-side Javascript


Over the past couple years a large chunk of my time has gone into writing a web application to replace a desktop application. The application requires some clever interactivity, a bit beyond what you can do in HTML/Javascript, and so contains a small Java applet. On the back-end some fairly intense processing is required, and […]