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Monthly Archives: November 2006

Insecurity on 9/11 no surprise


After 9/11 we heard “who could imagine such an attack” from quite a lot of public figures. In fact there were quite a lot of folks who could imagine exactly such a threat, and were trying to guard against just such an occurrence. Perhaps if we had spent the bit necessary on the good folks […]

More about how votes are collected


While I can account for how votes are collected at my polling place, I really do not know anything about the upstream process. After I turn in the votes collected in my precinct(s), how secure is the process from that point on? At the end of the election day I am far too tired to […]

Making politics more local?


Like many other American citizens I am not satisfied with much of our political process. How do we end up with so much junk in politics? Each major election we are asked to vote for folk we don’t know into positions of power. We try and make value judgments based on what is really to […]

Get out of Washington – use the Internet


Was thinking this morning about how a Congressman had to maintain two residences – one in their home district and one in Washington DC. Seems that long-term congress-critters get to be more of DC than of the region they nominally represent. The culture of DC is much centered around political power, lobbying, and hangers-on of […]

Bush in Vietnam


Heard on NPR this morning that Bush was giving a speech in Vietnam. Considering what the war in Iraq just cost the Republican Party in the just-past election, this struck me as somewhat amusing. For the full measure: Bush finally makes it to The Nam ” Back in the mid-1960s, George W. Bush had an […]

Lip-syncing to Romanian disco


Not exactly new (wikipedia page) – amusing none the less.

Missing absentee ballots – error or malice?


This last election there were are fair number of folk who came into my polling place who were marked on the roster as “AV” (meaning “absentee voter”), but who claimed not to have received their absentee ballot. Now I have not thought anything odd of this before. Perhaps the RoV (Registrar of Voters) mailed the […]

Diet and Nutrition


Listening to an older NPR program – a couple of doctors trying to sell diet books – served as a reminder of why precisely my respect for the “nutritional community” seems to drop a notch every year. In part as over time I have gotten better at picking out a sharp (or not so sharp) […]