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Monthly Archives: September 2006

Calif. eliminates city-by-city cable deals


Good news for California consumers: Calif. eliminates city-by-city cable deals – U.S. Business – While I have have a very high opinion of my current cable/Internet providor (Cox Communications), a little competition would be a good thing. The wholesale cost for bandwidth on the internet is way down, so you might expect more as […]

Avocados – Proof of Atlantis


Avocados are a curious fruit. Aside from tasting good and being good for you, avocados have some odd properties. Avocados only ripen after picking. Fruit can be stored on the tree for long periods. The evolutionary model – why avocados evolved – does not seem to make sense. The odd bit about history is that […]

This is a laptop.


No, I am not kidding…

Yet another puff-piece about a non-existant shortage


Cato-at-liberty » America’s “Help Wanted” Signs based on: Visas for Skilled Workers Still Frozen – Oh please, not again. Last I knew the salaries for engineers were pretty flat. If there is a shortage, you would expect salaries to rise. So, I’m guessing the shortage is (another) myth. They never have trouble getting this […]

Missing backstory for spinach?


Seems like this is a simple sort of connect-the-dots story. California farmers plow spinach fields under – U.S. Business – Most of the agro-workers in California are illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants working in the fields do not get any sort of health care. E.Coli is a bacteria common in every human stomach. There are […]

Is T-Mobile “To Go” ripping off customers?


Got my son a pre-paid T-Mobile “To Go” phone. For the first several months he did a good job, and only burned through about 200 minutes a month. Lately it seemed like his minutes were dropping a bit fast, so we started paying closer attention. Odd since I have not noticed a change in his […]

Ten states in eight days


Left California for my nephew’s wedding in Milwaukee. I-15 through Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. I-70 across Utah into Colorado. I-76 up to Nebraska. I-80 across Iowa into Illinois, then shorter segments into Wisconsin. Coming back will jog south to Flagstaff, crossing a bit of New Mexico. Final score – ten states in eight days. Crusing […]