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Monthly Archives: May 2006

chandanlog(3C): The Story of OpenGrok – the Wicked Fast Source Browser


chandanlog(3C): The Story of OpenGrok – the Wicked Fast Source Browser it takes lot more effort to make things simple than to make things complicated. Oh yes.

The Value of Privacy


Schneier on Security: The Value of Privacy Two proverbs say it best: Quis custodiet custodes ipsos? (“Who watches the watchers?”) and “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Cardinal Richelieu understood the value of surveillance when he famously said, “If one would give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest man, I would find […]

Just forget you ever saw this…


Wired News: Court Deals AT&T a Setback SAN FRANCISCO — A federal judge Wednesday shot down telecom giant AT&T’s efforts to recover and suppress internal documents that a former AT&T technician says demonstrate the company’s collusion in illegal government surveillance. Once long ago documents took substantial time and effort to copy. The widespread use of […]

The bad guys won…


Wired News: Under Attack, Spam Fighter Folds A startup whose aggressive antispam measures drew a blistering counterattack from spammers two weeks ago that brought down the company’s servers along with a wide swath of the internet is shuttering its program targeting junk e-mailers. The spammer’s business works because they can spew out millions of emails […]

Sure to spike Apple sales


nothing comes between me and my apple on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

Old oak


Old oak on Flickr – Photo Sharing! Playing with autostitch again.

NSA on Mothers Day


Schneier on Security: NSA Eavesdropping “ The NSA would like to remind everyone to call their mothers this Sunday. They need to calibrate their system. ”

Why is a “family values” organization making porn harder to block?


Adult industry welcomes .xxx domain rejection Adult companies have joined conservative groups in celebrating an Internet regulator’s decision to reject the creation of a domain for adult Web sites. Now just this by itself ought to give most anyone pause. Why are pornographers apparently in agreement with “conservative groups”? On Wednesday, the Internet Corporation for […]