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Monthly Archives: April 2006

Handy hint


Schneier on Security: The Future of Privacy One of my friends used to rot13 the name of someone asking for information and make a plausable sounding name to provide. (He could do rot13 in his head.) This allowed him to get new junk mail and figure out who sold the information. It also served the […]

Paul Cornish


A personal bookmark of sorts. Spent a lot of time cycling during college. At one point a group from OCW (Orange County Wheelmen) was doing regular Wednesday evening training rides (during the summer, so it was still light). The group naturally tended to sort out by ability level, and I ended up mostly riding with […]

Rendezvous – Video


Insane – yet fun…

Algorithm – Find Greatest Sequence


Someone posted a weblog entry (do not remember where) with a puzzle: How to efficiently find a subsequence of values with the greatest sum within a larger sequence. The simplest algorithm is to try all subsequences. This runs in time O(N^3), so is not useful except for very small sequences (say 100 or much less). […]

This proves, what?


Watching a video about global warming, and this picture was flashed up as evidence. EO Newsroom: New Images – Retreat of the Gangotri Glacier Hold on … what does this prove? Note that the area lost between 1780 and 1935 (155 years) looks to be about twice the area lost between 1935 and 2001 (66 […]

The Early Bird Specials


From The Early Bird Special – a photoset on Flickr