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Monthly Archives: February 2006

Argh – Windows (re-)installation woes


It is that time again – time for the annual re-install of Windows. Seems like I need to re-install Windows on my PC pretty much once a year, every year. As a developer I occasionally have to do rude things to my machine, and eventually something goes wobbly, and it’s time. The machine was running […]

If the quote fits…


The new garage doors were installed this week. The old slab-wood doors originally installed by the builder were not in the best of shape – in fact one was starting to crack. Could not quite justify replacing them before. After all … doors – if they open and close … (shrug). Looked up the quietest […]

Senate plans no probe of NSA spy program

17-Feb-06 – Senate plans no probe of NSA spy program – Feb 17, 2006 “An investigation at this point basically would be detrimental to this highly classified program and our efforts to reach some accommodation with the administration,” said Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kansas. This is the news I was dreading, and hoped would not come […]

The Coming Tug of War Over the Internet


First we have the Washington Post proving that the product of “professional journalists” can be very badly wrong. So much for “professional fact-checking and editing support”. The Coming Tug of War Over the Internet Companies like Google and Yahoo pay some fees to connect to their servers to the Internet, but AT&T will collect little […]

“Lighting my way home”


Helga Kvam “Lighting my way home” Very much worth viewing larger.

The Normal Family


The Normal Family Sung to the tune of “The Adams Family” theme song. ” … it’s the Normal Family …” This Art (if you can call it that) was put up for potential buyers of new homes in Foothill Ranch. Just their way of letting you know this was a classy family-oriented area. Absurd. Have […]

Search Engine Traffic

13-Feb-06 – Search Engine Traffic Soars MSN saw the steepest drop-off as its share of searches fell to 10.9 percent from 14 percent, Nielsen/NetRatings says. The fact that Microsoft sets the default search engine to MSN has always bugged me. What this means is that for the majority of non-techie users, switching to another search […]

A reminder


Arthur, my little brother died at 8 AM on February 10, 1999. He was riding his motorcycle to work when a car slowed, he didn’t, and a few minutes later he was dead. Someone once asked, if you could go back in time, what would you do? Only one answer came to mind.