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Monthly Archives: January 2006

Where the Sidewalk Ends


Raising Yousuf: a diary of a mother under occupation: Where the Sidewalk Ends Going to Erez always serves as a stark reminder of what Gaza has become, because it is sometimes easy to forget when you are trapped inside the snow globe that there is a glass dome surrounding you; it starkly reminds of the […]

Bill Gates – Coke Commercial (Coca-Cola)


Bill Gates – Coke Commercial (Coca-Cola) – Google Video

User Interface Goals


A List Apart: Articles: Home Page Goals Google can get away with a user-hostile front page because everybody already knows how to use it. But that’s the exception to the rule. Was in agreement with the notions in the above referenced article up to the quoted section. The perfect user interface is simple. When you […]

Would you buy this car?


The decline of General Motors and Ford (maybe they should license designs) What would you expect to happen in a society that pays financial engineers 10-100X what it pays automotive engineers? … is there anyone who ever rented a Pontiac Grand Am and walked away saying “I need to buy me one of these”? Having […]

RFID tagged


Measure of a mindset and end-to-end checks


David Wang : Does Virtual Server support multiple Floppy and CDROM drives? Actually, I do not see why you hope to be able to attach ISO via INI/VMC files and see that as “not programming”… because modifying INI/VMC files require “programming” to do the search/modification, no matter the tool that you use. And between that […]

We are not at war


Let’s put this threat in scope. The size of the “terrorist threat” is about the size of a (well funded) gang – not the size of an army. A gang of thugs can be a problem, but are not the same sort of problem as an attacking army. Declaring war on terrorists is like a […]

Google “Ads” hit a home run?


In GMail pulled up the message “[xmlc] XMLC 2.2.8 is out”, and happened to glance over at the ads placed by Google: Related Pages Stylus Studio Queries XQuery Co-Inventor (press release) – Jan 24, 2006 A One on One Interview with XQuery Guru and Co-inventor Jonathan … Jon Udell’s Weblog InfoWorld – Jan 23, […]