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Monthly Archives: November 2005

Hands-Free Headset


Worth noting – the above Monster Mobile: MobileTalk™ 100 Hands-Free Headset is by far best headset I’ve used (so far). Target used to carry them. Went back for a couple more after it became clear how well the headset worked – and they were out of stock. Argh. Amazon has them!! … or they did […]

Heidi and the Knife


One does NOT mess with Heidi. Trust me on this.

European Terrorism Law and Music Downloaders


Schneier on Security: European Terrorism Law and Music Downloaders … demanding that the European parliament extends the scope of proposed anti-terror laws to help them prosecute illegal downloaders. Music downloaders are not terrorists. This ties in so very well with the previous post about “taking back” the Republican Party.

“Sad Commentary” – or call for action?


Adam Bosworth’s Weblog: Sad Commentary … I no longer vote Republican since the Republican Party has become the creature of irrational know nothings who, if we had always listened to their ilk, would have us all still living in caves without fire. I would flip this around – perhaps this calls for greater involvement in […]



Trying to open an airliner door in-flight


Plane door crisis | The Register Even if the passenger’s nicotine addiction were strong enough, the door handle probably isn’t.

Roomba (robot vacuum) died AGAIN


Well, I guess that settles it – my third replacement Roomba just died. We are headed into the Xmas shopping season, and unless the Roomba got a redesign (apparently not) then I really cannot recommend the Roomba product. I like what it does – when it works – but three dead units in one year […]

What is this?


Location in Google Maps