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Monthly Archives: September 2005

… all we need is music …


what you dont know can indeed hurt you

China Space Mission


China Space Mission Said Planned for Oct. The military-backed space program is a major prestige project for the communist government. China has announced plans to land an unmanned probe on the moon by 2010 as well as operate a space station. While I would like to believe China has nothing but peaceful intentions, we should […]

Secure Flight News


Schneier on Security: Secure Flight News Remember what the no-fly list is. It’s a list of people who are so dangerous that they can’t be allowed to board an airplane under any circumstances, yet so innocent that they can’t be arrested — even under the provisions of the PATRIOT Act.

Insecure voting


Assuming this story is true (and I suspect that it is) then we have further proof that secrets of a commercial sort inside the voting process is a bad idea. A DIEBOLD INSIDER SPEAKS!” As part of the rituals when opening the polling place (as I will do twice in the next two months), we […]

… but wait …


Something amusing in the fact that I really believe Sun has a good story, but that my luck trying out new work from Sun is less than successful. Not meaningful really, but …. does it have to go wrong on the first things I try?? BTW – I get quite a few hits (~20-100/month – […]

Jetex – random memory


For no obvious reason an old memory – a vivid image and smell – came to mind along with a name “Jetex”. As a kid I had acquired an interest in model airplanes from my father. Now this wasn’t a very fulfilling hobby in dense-suburban southern California. Lack of nearby open fields meant that models […]

Betty Boop in color


Found via Google Video.

mouse test


Been working on a web application that tries to present a relatively rich user interface. As a target I am aiming at the current and near/mid future population of browsers. That means IE 6 (and later), Mozilla/Firefox, and trying to stick as much as possible with the W3C standards (HTML 4.01, CSS 2, Javascript 1.5). […]