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Monthly Archives: August 2005

The Family Research Council wants to make porn harder to block


I am having a very hard time coming up the moderate language to describe this topic… There is a proposal to ICANN to create a .XXX TLD for the internet. The .XXX domain seemed close to becoming a reality, when politics reared it’s ugly [brainless] head. Let me make my point of view very clear. […]

The Kutztown 13


The Kutztown 13 So a bunch of high school kids were given “free” laptops by there school. Predictably, (very predictably if you are familiar with high school age kids) the kids used the computers for ways other than what the school wanted. The kids are by no means innocent here, though their actions have caused […]

$$ Inertia in markets


One common element in the prior observations on The “AOL of broadband” and OASIS Office Document Standards is the surprising amount of inertia (resistance to change) displayed by the marketplace. The AOL subscriber base continued to grow long after the service no longer made sense. Microsoft continues to collect $billions$ in revenue when buying new […]

The “AOL of broadband”


A bit of a flashback… My first individual Internet access account was through Access was through a 14.4 dial-up, and the monthly bills were not exactly cheap. Later access became successively faster and cheaper through,, and PacBell. I got rid of dial-up in 1997 when Cox (my local cable company) started offering […]

Just a bit sideways…


This guy has created a wooden Ferrari.

“Follow that car!” – new Microsoft Patent


United States Patent Application: 0050171690 “A concept for providing navigation information is described. The concept includes a process for providing navigation information including deriving a destination for a first vehicle and determining a present location of the first vehicle. The process also includes computing maneuvering information from the destination and present location and adapting an […]

Missing the point – China and Climate Change


Listened through the Open Source segment on China and Climate Change. Most Open Source programs are pretty interesting. Wasn’t too inspired by this segment, but only later realised: Two rich American families are funding 12(?) representatives to live in China and somehow “advise” the Chinese government. Sounds like a good idea, until you think a […]

Slightly scary movie…