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Monthly Archives: July 2005

Model Quality Introductions


(Update – seems I may have stepped on someone’s gravy train.) In Orange County, California there are two free widely distributed monthly publications – OC Weekly and OC Metro. Articles in OC Weekly tend to be politically “liberal”, and articles in OC Metro tend to be politically “conservative”. Read both and you might get some […]



RoundaboutsUSA “RoundaboutsUSA can assist you with your roundabout project by: conducting a feasibility study, CAD design, and peer review of current designs. Contact Bill if you need assistance by email or at the phone numbers listed below.” The site referenced above presents some excellent and very sensible (and common-sense) arguments for the use of roundabouts. […]

Un-spinning the question of “cover”


An opinion from a source we should respect. intlet.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Usefulness of Terrorist Watch Lists


Just another reminder – much of what we are sold as needed for “security” is not worth the money – or the intrusion. Schneier on Security: London Bombing and the Usefulness of Terrorist Watch Lists

Santa Claus, Arizona


More whimsy… Passing an endless chain of food franchises on the road between California and Colorado, I remembered Heinlein mentioned a place to eat that sounded wonderful. Just ran across the story Cliff and the Calories (1950) in the Heinlein collection Expanded Universe. The story is fiction but the place described – Santa Claus, Arizona […]

Mail Filtering


A good tutorial on Mail Filtering from Jef Poskanzer. Now – how can I find a web hosting/email providor that supports IMAP and email filtering as throughly done as Jef describes?

The New Public Relations


Sam Ruby: The New Public Relations Tim Bray: The new PR pipeline is a lot shorter, simpler, and wider: Senior management works out a company’s goals and messages. Management works hard to make sure that the employees understand them. The people who are really doing the work tell the story to the world, directly. I […]

Rove under suspicion


the Parks Department Wednesday, Jul. 16, 2003 Has the Bush Administration declared war on a former ambassador who conducted a fact-finding mission to probe possible Iraqi interest in African uranium? Former Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson raised the Administration’s ire with an op-ed piece in The New York Times on July 6 charging that the Administration […]