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Monthly Archives: June 2005

Attempted identity theft?


Today I got a call from Equifax. For some unspecified (?) reason they were suspicious of the fact that someone had ordered my credit report on March 22. Since I did not recall ordering a credit report, she offered to put an “alert” on my “file” with all three (?) credit reporting agencies. A few […]

Overheated Honda


This is the road that did in my Honda. You cannot tell from the picture but this road is steep. Coming up the road required driving in first gear, which after a mile or so proved too much, and my car overheated. Guess long periods of heavy throttle in first gear is just more than […]

Apple going to Intel – yet another speculation


Musing on the Apple-to-Intel transition, there are a couple points that come to mind. Jobs and company recognized the need for a bet-the-company transition if Apple’s desktop and laptop computers are to remain relevant. Better to make the bet now rather than wait through a long painful decline. Apple is using the announced transition to […]

A different sense of distance


When you can spend nearly all day with the cruise control engaged, you get a different sense of distance. Much nicer than driving around California.

Splendid isolation


These are very nicely-built houses, but note the blank “face” presented to the street. Windows few, small and always shuttered. Neighbors can go months or years without interacting. When streets are our public spaces, and our houses face the public space with closed garage doors, it is easy to stay isolated. How to do better?

unique humor


Own your very own 128-bit Uniqueidentifier (GUID) Probably only funny to a specific, er, unique group of people :).

The Downing Street Memos


The Downing Street Memos :: The text Downing Street memo – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Not that this really changes anything.

Wonderful twisty scenic roads


Took part of a day off from helping my dad unpack to go for a drive. Headed south toward Ouray. When you reach Ouray you are fairly well up into the mountains, and the scenery is getting rather nice. From Ouray heading south the “Million Dollar Highway” climbs into and over the mountains. This road […]