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Monthly Archives: May 2005

Random photo story


A story told in pictures… The above pictures are saved as my “favorites” on Flickr, are all taken by others, and each struck me in more than one way. Looking at the set, I realized – at least to my mind – they told a story of sorts. Probably all too personal – would someone […]



Amusing if you write software, perhaps (from from h2g2).

Astronic Super Hero!


OASIS Office Document Standards


OASIS – News – 05-23-2005 This is big news – there is now a well-designed standardized format for office documents. This is good news for business, as this means documents created today will be readable forever. In 2004 Microsoft took in $10.8 billion in from “Information Worker” products, of which Office was probably the largest […]

Intelligent Design


Life on Earth was created by Space Aliens!! Proved by advocacy groups with funding from rich religious zealots! Heh. If the so-called Intelligent Design folks are not just selling a slightly warmed-over version of creationism, then what is the alternative? Actually I would entertain the notion that visitors from elsewhere might well have interfered in […]

The Astronic Express


On adults and responsibility


TechKnow Times » Why mandatory E-911 for VoIP is a very bad thing But hey, this is America, we don’t expect people to take personal responsibility for anything. One thread in the cloth of which our civilization is built – or in this case a thread that should be re-thought. Should not a “responsible citizen” […]

Demonic bunny