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Monthly Archives: April 2005

Computer Chaos


What happens when a new flat panel arrives and a (not-so) old computer dies in the middle of a project. Before this I had two computers on a KVM switch sharing a single monitor and keyboard, with all the wires tucked away, and (relatively) neatly routed. When the nice/new Dell 24″ flat panel arrived — […]

The Prince


Niccolo Machiavelli, “The Prince” The rulers of republics or kingdoms must therefore seek to preserve the principles of their religion. Having done this, they will find it an easy matter to keep the state devout, obedient, and united. They should seek to favor and strengthen every circumstance that tends to enhance religion, even if they […]

real or not?


Bought some shirts off eBay in my brand and style (though unfortunately not my favorite color – red being a bit hard to come by). The prices on eBay are radically lower than prices from the store – even when on sale. This naturally leads to the question – are these the real thing or […]

Google Doom


When is the last time you saw a really interesting new desktop application? In the Windows application space, things have pretty much settled down to more of the same. Office applications – word processing and spreadsheets – have changed very little in the past decade. General use of email and web browsers were new for […]

Healthcare losses


Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | GM plunges into $1bn quarterly loss GM needed to “accelerate” efforts “on the challenging US healthcare situation”. The cost of health provision is rattling corporate America, particularly GM with its huge number of current and former employees. Simple fact – the cost of healthcare in the US is increasing […]

Auburn Hills, Michigan


Was staying north of Detroit for a few days last week. The “free” Internet access in the hotel (Courtyard by Marriott: Auburn Hills) worked – sometimes, or just enough to drive me slightly nuts. On the other hand, I can recommend the Big Buck brewery for decent food and beer (if you can get past […]

Tough Sell


Bush Social Security Plan Proves Tough Sell Among Working Poor In a society of specialization, people would rather trust their investment and savings decisions to perceived experts, just as they trust their car repairs to mechanics and their legal problems to lawyers. “People are wary about taking control of their Social Security, just as I’m […]

CDDL – Sun’s license for Solaris


Just to point out the obvious – despite the micro-storm – maybe the folks talking are the one’s with a point to prove. Sun’s CDDL looks reasonable at the least for their purpose, and I have an appalling lack of interest in “discussing” the license.