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Monthly Archives: March 2005

Fedora core


Downloaded and burned installation DVDs for Fedora core 3 (heidelberg) and Fedora core 4 test1. The Fedora core 3 installation started, then started getting disk read errors. The Fedora core 4 installation offered to scan the DVD for errors, and promptly complained about errors on the disk. Could be the DVD reader in this box […]

Solaris 10 attempt


Perhaps influenced by Jonathan, downloaded and burned a Solaris 10 x86 installation DVD. Hit reboot (what should have marked the end of the just-prior Debian installation) and got… Cannot find boot.bin Not an encouraging start… This box has fairly recent/generic hardware — ECS K7S5A Pro motherboard, 2.4Ghz Athlon, 1GB RAM, 200GB in 2 disks, an […]

Debian install – sort’a


Installed Debian 3.0r4 on a spare machine, mostly out of curiousity. There are a enough folks fond of Debian thought it might be worth another try. First, I made a horrible mistake. Downloaded, burned and installed from 9 ISO images (7 installation, 2 updates). Trying to be a good bandwidth-citizen by downloading via bittorrent, and […]

Usability references


Found a couple of interesting weblogs from the log of visitors to this weblog (pardon the recursion). WebWord Usability Weblog :: Usability and Human Factors for the Internet Usability In The News Nice effect here – checking the “latest visitors” to your weblog acts like a sort of very-selective search engine :).

Military visitors


Seems that some of the visitors to this entry are coming from military sites, from obvious search queries. Good to know I am contributing to military, er, readiness :). Too bad I don’t have any pictures, for which I suspect they are hoping…



Guess it must be spring… Went to the ACP Swap Meet this morning for no obvious reason. Looks like this institution is pretty much on it’s last legs. The number of vendors is perhaps a third or less from the peak, and the number of customers probably even less. No real surprise, as the prices […]

Norman Borlaug: Forgotten Benefactor of Humanity — Center for Global Food Issues


Norman Borlaug: Forgotten Benefactor of Humanity — Center for Global Food Issues … the green parties of Europe have been frightened by the sudden wave of migrants entering their traditionally low-immigration nations, and now think that improving conditions in Africa isn’t such a bad idea after all.

The past is rolling up behind us.


Another sign of things passing…. Monaco Prince Rainier’s Health Deteriorating Watched To Catch a Thief on DVD a few nights ago – one of my favorite old movies. The beautiful young woman in the film, shortly after became the bride of Prince Rainier. She died a few years back. Aside from the cars passing on […]