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Monthly Archives: January 2005

Building a better string class


To sum up – the aim of the preceding exercise was to check my past assumptions. Rather than use the standard C++ string classes, I have for a number of years chosen to use a very thin wrapper class, with buffer allocation off a free-list. At the end the measurements show performance is indeed better […]

Building a better string class – sentinels and wrap up


[Summary] One final addition to the ZString class – sentinels. One common programming error is buffer over-run, writing past the end of an allocated array, and possibly overwriting a following item. We can catch this common programming error by allocating an extra byte on both ends of the string buffer and placing known values (sentinels) […]

Building a better string class – what advantage in copy-on-write for std::string?


[Summary] [Continued] The prior set of measurements in – Building a better string class – comparing class implementations – did not really measure the advantage (if any) of the use of copy-on-write in the std::string implementation. Did some measurements to see whether this helps improve the relative standing of std::string. First, the same “mixed” measurement […]

Building a better string class – comparing class implementations


[Summary] [Continued] Having checked my assumptions earlier in – Continued – building a better string class – assumptions revised – time to compare C++ string implementations. The ZString1 class (below) represents the string class used in most of the C++ code I have written in the past decade. Nothing really exotic here – the class […]

Tax-time and Staples “Easy” Rebates


I am impressed – Staples Easy Rebates is a web application from a retail outfit that works and is not overly flashy. Not to mention a really good idea. It is tax-time again and I needed to buy tax software. Pretty much everyone is offering mail-in rebates. I hate mail-in rebates. The one time I […]

No Bugs?


One of the critters starting to make a comeback after the rains. Spent the day (and likely the remainder of the night) getting a prototype web application working, Well, it worked already in the same sense as a car works when it’s motor is running in the garage. Want to get this application out on […]

The American SS?


From McCain expects inquiry on new espionage unit Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld has created a new espionage unit called the Strategic Support Branch, according to the news report, but McCain, speaking on CBS’s “Face the Nation” said he doubts Rumsfeld has broken any laws. The “Special Support” branch? So our government now has a […]

Speed versus complexity in User Interface interaction


Reflecting on user interface design and programming, there is a cluster of notions I would like to get across. When writing a GUI framework to run on the original 4.77Mhz Intel 8088 based PCs, after writing the initial set of primitives I found performance unsatisfactory. I am a big believer in making the lower level […]