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Monthly Archives: December 2004

Battling the antibodies


For the record, I completely agree Jon Udell, both in regarding Monad (aka MSH) as a brilliant piece of work, and as having spent a fair amount of time battling antibodies myself. Episodes I remember: “You have to write in assembly for efficiency, not Pascal!” When writing an application in Pascal that ended up more […]

Robot Vacuum


Bought new toy — a “Roomba” robot vacuum. It is bumping it’s way around the downstairs now on it’s first run. It is a little noisy, though certainly not as noisy a regular vacuum. Will have to see if it can find the way back to the charging station. The downstairs is sort of H-shaped. […]

Reverse Proxies and the “Location” or “Content-Location” headers.


Turns out the proper name for what I am attempting to do with isapi_reward is a “reverse proxy”. I want users to be able to access a number of web applications through a single machine, with the web applications possibly deployed on different machines. Specifically I am interested in one particular use-case. I want to […]

The Tyranny of Resturant Cooking


Why is it that recipes always call for the same set of oven temperatures? Why does the 350° (Fahrenheit) temperature (plus or minus 25°) show up in so many recipes? Cooking is a minor hobby, and lately I have been trying various approaches to cooking meat — of late specifically roasting meat. I have experimented […]

Retirement math: Social Security wins


Guess it all depends on timing — and on who crunches the numbers. One man’s retirement math: Social Security wins | The note about Britain’s retirement shortfall should snag your attention.

One IDE to Rule Them All?


From Don Box Yet Another 2005 Prediction List: Sun Microsystems will embrace Eclipse. Eclipse 3.x is now way above the “good enough” bar and has IBM’s deep pockets behind it. In 2005, Sun will cut its losses on Netbeans and do the right thing for Java by unifying on a common tool platform. Well, I […]

Comments off


Turned off comments today. The WordPress built-in checks for too many links in one comment, or certain common “spam” words worked well for a while. More recently Kitten’s Spaminator did an excellent job of suppressing the last wave of automated comment spammers. Today a couple comments appeared with one link per comment, and none of […]

isapi_reward restart


Restarted work on the isapi_reward ISAPI filter/extension mentioned earlier. The trick seems to be to handle outgoing connections (for forwarded requests) in an efficient and scalable manner. Started out using non-blocking sockets and events, but the WaitForMultipleEvents() call puts a hard upper limit of 64 on the number of active sockets. While it is rather […]