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Monthly Archives: November 2004

Secret Law


THE ARRIVAL OF SECRET LAW If this doesn’t give you the creeps – it should. Remember the American Revolution some 200-odd years ago? The Founding Fathers of this country believed in individual rights, freedom, liberty, due process, and in limiting the power of the government. Hopefully this all sounds very familiar if you are an […]

Remember South Africa?


A friend goes to retrieve his elderly parents from South Africa from the aftermath of the end of apartheid. Zak’s RSA Saga



The guy who took the photo says the critter in this picture is in fact a dolphin (though widely mis-identified as a shark). Funny thing is I found the picture on a weblog of a South African website where the subject was shark encounters. Turns out the photo was taken in Malibu, California – a […]



Just me and the kids this Thanksgiving. We decided on yams (with butter, cream, cinnamon, nutmeg, and topped with melted marshmellows), corn bread (using the excellent sweet canned corn from Trader Joe’s), and a roast turkey. Got a 20lb turkey (why not?) and marinated overnight. Made the marinade out of equal parts lemon juice, olive […]

Relative noise


I think she’s got the meaningless nature of much travel right in Helicopter versus airplane noise.

If a picture is worth a thousand words…


From Sorry Everybody.

After the rain


We had a bit a of rain in the last few weeks. In fact, for southern California we got quite a lot of rain. A bit of before and after… September 12 – lunch? September 25 – Small brush fire off Santiago Canyon Road. November 1st – even the trail is turning green. November 1st […]

Can We Please Bury the Netscape Metaphor?


In the “how not to miss the point” column… John Battelle writes about: Can We Please Bury the Netscape Metaphor? and I am in complete agreement with the points he makes. Netscape as a phenomena was built on a small clever idea and a massive, insane over-reaction by the stock market. The company itself had […]