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Monthly Archives: October 2004

Mobility and dancing bears


I am with Tim and Jeremy here … and while Russell has a point, he is just about completely wrong :). Size is the problem. Cell phones are small. In fact with the current generation of phones they are too small – at least in the keyboard. Unless you are a kid or a skinny […]

Doctors are doing just fine…


Despite their malpractice premiums, America’s doctors are doing just fine. Guess the rumors that HMOs and Insurance companies were cutting into doctors incomes is not of concern.

This still bothers me…


Back when the Republican Convention was in New York, there were a number of arrests that I find … disturbing. First there was the guy with a bike that wrote messages on the sidewalk in washable chalk. You could send messages to be written by the bike from his website. Overall a pretty clever idea. […]



By John McColgan of the BLM Alaska Fire Service. [large image] The image was captured in the late afternoon of Sunday, August 6, from a bridge over the East Fork of the Bitterroot River just north of Sula, Montana. The elk sought refuge in the river bottom during what may have been the most extreme […]

Web criminals & Whack-a-mole


Tim Bray writes about Crooks in Plain Sight and asks “What am I missing?”. Why do we have web criminals when the sources are so easy to identify? In fact the lack of sense it is much worse (or better – depending on your point of view). It is easy to shut down script kiddies, […]

A viewpoint – War in Vietnam


A well-expressed viewpoint from someone who served in the War in Vietnam.

Oil wars?


The chaos in the world oil markets and the resulting record high prices must be extremely profitable for some. If you are an oil producer and your production is unaffected, you are now accumulating an enormous extra pool of cash. Clearly it is in your interest for prices to stay high. Funding a bit of […]

Server-side Java performance


Admittedly I am something of a performance freak. I have a knack for understanding the potential performance of an application. This has meant picking up existing software and radically improving performance. This means writing new software that performs at the limits of the hardware and out-performing the contemporaries. Working with the existing Java web servers […]