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Monthly Archives: July 2004

Mozilla trumps IE – again


Got to feel a bit sorry for the poor guy from the IE team. Pretty amusing story…

Compilers – back to basics


C++ is growing, and I am a bit disappointed. I heard recently that the working group is considering how to add garbage collection to the C++ standard. This is a bad idea. The C language was all about writing low-level code, and did this job well. The C++ language should have been the introduction of […]

Display envy


A case for display envy… Apple’s new flat panel displays (via Windows Media Player or RealPlayer). One screen at 4.1 megapixels and 8.2 megapixels with two screens – very cool. Just hope no one runs a Java app with double-buffered graphics on such a display.

Books read recently


In May 2003 I took three fast hikes in four days, and could barely walk the following day. Did something bad to my left knee, and have only been able to resume hiking (carefully!) in the last few weeks. Only resumed walking and hiking after reading in this book that (limited) exercise of an injured […]

Klunky user interfaces


Several months back I switched to Verizon and bought an Audiovox CDM8900 cellphone with built-in 640×480 camera, and support for BREW. Verizon’s service has been decent – certainly better than Sprint whose coverage became useless both at home and at the office. The cellphone camera is … passable. I did not have very high expectations […]

iChat AV


Ever tried to video or voice conversations over the web with a PC? I have never seen this work well, at least outside commercials. Hangups include: Standards for video conferencing require a swath of open ports with direct connections between all machines involved. This is a really bad idea as all home users should be […]

isapi_reward preview


Something I started working on some time back with the aim of meeting a particular goal. Allow easy deployment of pure-Java web applications in a Windows environment. Easy deployment of Java applications means bundling a pure-Java web server (like Jetty, Tomcat, or Geronimo) so the web application is immediately able to run, without a existing […]

The Wretch, Pat Benatar, Iron & Wine


More new music off Magnatune. Cannot explain why I like this, but I do… The Wretch: painful ambient industrial noise. Used the RIAA Radar site to find a new Pat Benatar album from a non-RIAA member (I hope). Bought the Iron & Wine album after seeing the video on iTunes and checking out the label. […]