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Monthly Archives: June 2004

NPR – National Jewish Public Radio?


First, let me be very clear that NPR has since the 1980′s been and remains one of my favorite sources of news (at least when driving). One of the first things I do after buying a new car is preset the radio for KCRW (the local radio station that carries NPR). At the same time […]

Safer with Mozilla


Ken Dunham, director of malicious code at iDefense Inc.(?) cannot have made Microsoft happy. Check the last paragraph in MS issues warning on Web attacks, pushes XP SP2 beta. I heartily agree, though mostly just because Mozilla is in fact a better web browser.

Social engineering


Slightly amusing. An example of a “social engineering” attack. I received the following with decoration from MailScanner that (naturally) tagged the message as containing a virus. Note that “The team” would be me :). Dear user, the management of mailing system wants to let you know that, Some of our clients complained about […]



ACDK is an interesting bit of work that does not seem to have attracted a lot of notice. Since I do a fair amount of cross-language coding, am looking to build in support for scripting (for a Windows-based product), and am aiming to migrate the product from Windows-only to something more portable – for this […]

Why open-source Java?


A good argument for open-sourcing Java at: The Cliffs of Inanity. There are other arguments.

A crossroads in software development.


The article What The Perl Community Needs Is a Good Enema gives me hope things might break loose in a useful way. I really like Perl for some sorts of problems, and the CPAN library is wonderful. I really like Java for other sorts of problems, and the amount of available stuff in the Java […]

Mis-labeled by the RIAA?


Heard a bit of music on iTunes that I would to buy – but wanted to check that I would not be buying from an RIAA member. Turns out the not all the labels listed on the RIAA site are members, so how do I know who to avoid?? BTW – the video on iTunes […]

Lisp and blurring the line between code and data.


Seems Keith found my prior reference too obscure. I was assuming that a someone fluent would Lisp could draw the analogy without help, and folks unfamiliar with Lisp probably could not follow the analogy without way more writing than I have time to do. On reflection, that left out the folks not yet fluent with […]