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Monthly Archives: April 2004

Santa Barbara


Took the kids up to Santa Barbara for a couple days. Left a little too late Friday afternoon and got caught in traffic going through Los Angeles (not fun). Spent a few hours at the Santa Barbara Zoo on Saturday. The Zoo is just off the main beach area (you could walk there from the […]



Started buying music again. Emma’s Mini: electronic rock with a pop edge. Beth Quist: electro-Balkan/Indian meets New Age. I had pretty much stopped buying music at one point. All the old groups I was familiar with were gone, KROQ was stuck in an 80’s flashback, and I wasn’t hearing anything interesting. When MP3s started floating […]

Universal Calendars and Scheduling?


How can you get Internet-based universal calendars/scheduling as good as the Microsoft Exchange/Outlook combination or better? I have been puzzling at this question for a while. Let’s start with the basics: Most of the application logic (and extensions) should be on the server. Clients should require no or minimal additional installation. Offline operation should be […]

Google’s Gmail and privacy


I just don’t see that the furor over Gmail scanning email to place ads as justified. Ars Technica: Google’s Gmail under threat in California First, Google is offering us something of value (free email, huge storage) in return for the service. If you don’t want your email scanned, then don’t use Gmail. Second, Google has […]



Took another look at rewriting the ActiveCVS code to incorporate the last bit of inspiration. As it turns out when the SCC API is called about all you can count on is the (absolute) filename passed. This means you basically ignore the initialize and open-project calls. Instead you base your implementation on a map of […]